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A Ship on The Ocean, A Night with Fireworks (EN/JP)

Walk and Walk and Make Something Alive. December 13, 2018 (EN)

PRESS: "HALF HUMAN" by Natsumi Goldfish Nov. 3 ~ 25 | AG Gallery (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Exhibition Review by An Artist | Obsession at Met Breuer

PRESS: "Opening of the Third Eye" 4 Artists Exhibition Oct. 3-7 (Reception Oct 4 6PM) | Living Gallery Outpost (LES, NY)

PRESS: Natsumi Goldfish "WINDOW MEREOLOGY" Sept. 27 6-9PM | Yashar Gallery (Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY)

People do not lack strength

Drawings That Became A Painting

Time Trip Blues -There is no dress code-

Counting leaves that are there, Collecting leaves that were there

"Cat is quite a powerful symbol" EN