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Atelier Talk: Wear and Tear

I hope everyone is doing well wherever you might be. In New York City it is still not fully post covid, but finally I started to meet people I haven't met since covid, also started to meet lovely new people without face masks. Since I came back to New York City it has been a bit too chaotic but happy to finally post this at the end of the month. To keep practicing/pursuing something which we find love and are passionate about for an extended time lets us learn so many valuable things about life, society, and the world.   After a while, it often becomes something not just about the specific subject but about something vast. To me, oil painting is. Grisaille painting progress Self-portrait After the 7-19-2022 5:15 a.m. Believe or not I actually learned the grisaille method on my own after graduating from my art school. Normally I don't stick with a classic painting style but I enjoy mixing different ways of working in my work.  Today I thought to share something important about

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