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My Late Night Painting Progress -March End-

My Favorite Herbal Tea

Two Identical Silhouettes from Old Artwork 私の部屋の彼と彼女

8枚のオードリー•ヘップバーンとシネマと映画館。Cinema, Theatre, and Eight Pictures of Audrey Hepburn.

My Notebooks, 私のノート 2011 - 2015.

第一巻は『誰も知らない小さな国』-Japanese Korobokkuru Story-

Wake Up You Are Just A Goldfish.

The bottom of the Brooklyn and the view from the G train.

Money, God, Art, Gallery, Artist, And...Green Irish Alien?


As I Lay Dying - Collage on Canvas -

The sun and the moon and the earth and I

Review by Artist: Armory Show 2015

Milkland's Abstract Hair, Day Deluxe.

One week of Fortunes & The Armory Spring Show 2015