Hello Again,

A sketch of a room with bear
A Sketch of my (small) room with a bear on the bed

Hello there, 

I haven't written a new post here for a while and I missed it very much. 

There have been many exhibitions I visited and haven't shared with you so hopefully I can share more in coming days. 

For my personal life, I just came back from my trip to Japan for the first time since covid happened. It was wonderful to finally spend time with my family, and meet not all but some close friends there. 

Normally I only talk about art but I could share some stories from my trip to Japan if you are interested.

A sketch of my rabbit
A Sketch of my rabbit listening to me

Today I wanted to let you know that my official website now has a password for some of the main sections. It is a test and I might remove it. 

Please write me an email (info {at} natsumigoldfish.com) or visit my website contact page and request the password for viewing. 

Or, you can try to guess what was in my brain when I made the password... 

It seems putting a password is like going backwards as I and many others have websites for public viewing but I feel it works for my work, and my audience can prepare their mind while waiting for the key.

It will make it a little more time consuming and a little more exclusive. My website will remain open to anyone who would like to visit. 

I haven't updated my website for a while and it is funny that this is the update I made after a while. I hope this change will not make you stop visiting my website from time to time. 

I will let you know here and in my studio newsletter when I have new work updated on my website. 

Warm Regards,